The Idea of Gifting

Today there’s a whole range of gifting ideas to choose from. The concept of gifting has changed over the years. Earlier it used to be just a token of gratitude wherein the host would give a bag with betel leaf, Kumkum, Turmeric along with a coconut or fruit known as “Thamboolam Bag”. Over the years, along with these traditional items, a gift item is also included. Be it a Wedding, Grihapravesham, Ayushomam, Seemantham, Upanayanam, 60 th and 80 th Birthdays, Engagement there’s a gift for every occasion.

There’s a huge market of handicraft items available for the consumer to choose from. There’s traditional Kumkum Boxes, Trays, Baskets, Showpieces, Wall Hangings, Dry Fruit Boxes and many more Home Décor products. And there’s exclusive products manufactured in specific parts in India which makes it more unique. The normal steel plates, boxes now comes with hand craft work called “Meenakari” wherein the
surface of metal is colored and ornamented in brilliant colours and intricate designs. This Meenakari work can also be seen on Wood, Aluminium, Zinc and other metals making the product more ethnic.

Gifting ideas can also be utility based like Multipurpose Boxes, Hand Bags, Jute Bags, Potlis, Clutches, Mobile Pouches, Bangle Boxes, and Earring Boxes etc. The traditional Kumkum Turmeric Sets now come in fancy formats… in the shape of a bag, leaf, basket, plate. Each shape containing the kumkum and turmeric. So there’s a whole range to choose from.

Coming to Engagements and Weddings, handcrafted sets of every stage of the ceremony is available for display. There’s wedding trays with bride and bridegroom dolls and miniature sweets snacks sets. This makes the display more attractive. There are eco-friendly gifts too. Like Jute, Cloth, Bamboo, Palm Leaf products for the environment conscious.

There are gifts suiting every budget and need starting from as low as Rs 10. It’s a token of gratitude, remembrance and has a whole lot of memories associated with it. The available range of products is only going to expand further in future and there’s no dearth of choices available.

Return Gifts has now become a norm, a way of celebration, spreading joy and is here to stay.