Return Gifts Ideas

What are return gifts? Why festival gifts and return gifts for pooja are essential?

A gift is a thing we present to someone without expecting a return. “A Return gift is a wonderful token of appreciation to thank your guests.” Return gifts are given and it’s very much liked. Return gifts represent an effective way to express thanks to the person who delivers us a gift. This is a tradition followed by a human over a long period of time.

In Hinduism, Pooja is a mandatory ritual where offerings to make to God to prove our love and earn love back from God. It is either performed by an individual or a group. They are essential to ward off negativity. Poojas make our inner mind calm and concentrate on work. So, usage of the prayer products is mandatory. There are many ideas for return gifts.

For Pooja or any Festive celebrations, it is best to provide return gifts for pooja, Festive Return Gifts like Haldi kumkum platter. Haldi kumkum ceremony remains a notable ceremony in India where married women use haldi(turmeric) and kumkum as their marriage symbol and husband’s long-life symbol. Therefore, it is great to gift Haldi kumkum platter. There are many varieties in this platter. They are.

Heart paan shape plate
Round gold plate
Peacock kumkum plate
Round plate Ganesh kumkum cups

Pooja Thali and Kubera pots: Pooja Thali is used during Aarthi, containing cups for Kumkum, Turmeric, Roli Chawal etc. Some very beautiful pots can be presented as gifts to Indians such as

Kubera Lakshmi pot gold
Peacock designer pooja thali

Thamboolam sets: Thamboolam sets is a tremendous way of greeting your guests.

Ganesh leaf thamboolam sets
Bag shape thamboolam sets
Round plate thamboolam sets

Incense stick holders: Agarbathis and Sambranis represents the Pooja and used to concentrate on a particular activity. There are beautiful diverse agarbathi stands like.

Marble agarbathi stand without base
Marble agarbathi stand with base
Incense Sambrani holder
Silver plated incense holders

Distributing Festival gifts for pooja is a lovable moment. It is essential to spend time on choosing the opt gift.

Navarathri gifts: Thamboolam sets and Combo packs available. Ideal Return Gifts during Navarathri

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