A Shiny Round Jewel called the Bangle

Jewels are dear to Indian women. They come in various shapes, sizes and critically for various occasions. I won’t be exaggerating if I risk saying that Indians are the biggest consumers of jewels of any form, shape and size in the world. Our gods have set the standards very high by decking in jewels from head to toe!

Jewels when associated with India, normally tend to signify Gold Jewels. But I have always been surprised to note that for Indians, all that matters is a Jewel. They come in various forms, in varying degree of intricate designs and in various budgets, from jewels made of wood, shells to jewels made of gold studded with rubies and iamonds.

One such jewel that has occupied a special place in our tradition and way of life has been the bangle. Take a look at this instance of a fully decked up lady with Bangles – From Bangles made of glass to gold.


Bangles occupy a special place in the jewel box of Indian women. Their use and adoption is extensive across the Indian subcontinent, many of them prefer wearing a gold bangle or a glass bangle. The traditional outfit isn’t complete without a good collection of bangles. From time immemorial bangles have occupied a key place in the Indian tradition and culture. They are also a key part of Indian art forms and there are dances that include tunes made from striking bangles.

It is this aspect of making music with bangles that has been exploited to a deeper level. One such occasion is during the traditional Baby shower function called Seemantham.

A seemantham is a function organized for pregnant women during their 7th month of their pregnancy.  Though there are many speculated reasons, the one that resonated with me was how the mild jingles that the bangles make excite the baby inside the womb and help them devleop their senses. Many pregnant Indian women continue to wear the bangles well after the seemantham function into their delivery. The motivation is the same, though it has a deep traditional value. On the occasion of seemantham many families gift a collection of bangles as return gifts to their guests.

This is one of many such functions where the ubiquitous bangle occupies a significant place in the Indian tradition and culture. The joy is spread during these occasions by offering bangles and other traditional stuff like turmeric, kumkum as part of wedding return gifts and return gifts for ladies.

As the bangle collections increase there arises another aspect of storing and sorting them – ready to be worn for functions and occasions.

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